About GEG

A Vision in GREEN…

Green-Eyed Girl Productions is a multi-faceted organization that offers a variety of services. We plan all sorts of events from Birthday parties to, of course, Weddings. We strive to provide you with an event that reflects your personal style and own creative designs without all of the time, stress, shopping and personal legwork. Our goal is to help you in any way that we can, and plan the event of your dreams the easiest way possible, all the while alleviating stress.

If there is one important aspect to highlight about our company it is the emphasis on efficiency and sustainability. Planning an event, anything from a gender reveal baby announcement party to a wedding, requires time, money and energy which can be consolidated if you know where to look, shop and network. Our company goals revolve around production of a beautiful looking event, but more so a good feeling event. So that you know when you look back, you spent every minute, phone call and penny the easiest way possible on everyone involved. We want your expense to be a relaxing part of your experience, not the bottom line, so we have implemented many systems into our approach to accomplish that goal. Please, look around our site and review the numerous opportunities we offer to save our clients money, as well as resources, all while paying attention to GREEN methods.

Kandice Kelso is our Lead Coordinator and Owner:

A brief background on Kandice and what Coordinating looks like to the Green-Eyed Girl:

Kandice had been planning and coordinating large events and weddings since 2003. Most of her background was in large corporate events, fundraisers, pageants, and sports tournaments, until she began to focus on weddings in 2007. You know the kid who gets involved with every function in high school; homecoming, fundraiser carnivals, pageants, that kid was her! While playing volleyball for the University of Oregon she became a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Council where they planned large events for hundreds of people (mostly children) in Eugene. Through this program she met many of the vendors GEG collaborates with today. Then, from 2005-2007 she was in, and coordinated weddings for friends and family, and began assisting friends of friends with their weddings by referral from 2007-2009. At the University of Oregon she acquired multiple degrees in Education, including a Special Education Endorsement and a Master’s Degree in Behavior Management and is certified by the American Association of Wedding Professionals in wedding coordinating. The Green-Eyed Girl name became public on February 4th, 2009 and has been involved with well over hundreds of events since then.

“As a coordinator I prefer to think of GEG as an Interactive Collaboration Classroom. I use my education as a teacher to essentially “teach” clients how to plan their events. I use worksheets, homework, interactive lessons and even host a few parent-teacher conferences.” – Kandice

Keeping a GREEN Eye

As a company we make every effort to help out our clients, our community, and our environment.

Earth Friendly as a Company: I love networking with Event Professionals who appreciate the importance of being Green; caterers who use local growers and farmers, bridal salons who rent gowns and reuse gently loved accessories, and many others! Many of our office supplies, equipment, furniture and electronics are purchased second hand from local recycling organizations, garage sales, and thrift stores.

Clients: We understand and respect that our clients are on a tight budget and that every penny counts right now. To help lower expenses for our clients we aim to find as many opportunities to multi-purpose, borrow, collect, and cultivate your event necessities. We want you to have the most affordable event as possible. Whatever it takes! Systems utilized to achieve these goals are outlined in our Blog Post: Team Wedding Opportunity & Project Blocks

Community: Many of the vendors referred through our website are the hard working people of the Willamette Valley and surrounding areas. We try to stay close to home and help the local economy as much as possible, even when buying our linens, decorations, and supplies! See the local Dream Team Vendors page above and shop from our Local Etsy Handmade Vendors first! Taking it one step further into the community we offer some major discounts to all Schools & Non-Profits for fundraiser organizing.

Environment: Though we aren’t a 100% GREEN Company we try hard to reduce our impact on the world around us. Let’s face it, when there is a wedding everyone knows it! They leave a mess… we try to reduce, recycle and reuse that mess as much as possible and offer some great incentive to our clients who do the same! We utilize great companies such as Rapid Refill, Bring Recycling, Mecca, Food for Lane County, Habitat for Humanity and many others in our daily business practices.

Every little bit helps and we appreciate your effort
Bring Recycling
Next Step Recycling
Mecca- Crafty/Art Materials Exchange
Aurora Glass- 100% Recycled glass
Estate Sales by Pam– find great reusable stuff!
Christina’s Estate Sales– Find great reusable stuff!
Register Guard Garage Sales– Find great reusable stuff!
Habitat for Humanity
Food for Lane County

Your Event & GREEN
Company Motto: “The NUMBER 1 money saving strategy is to have a “REUSABLE” event and shop at home or REUSE” – Green-Eyed Girl

Our goal as a company is to create an event for you that is everything you have ever dreamed, but also with the least impact on your home, area, venue and even your wallet. Fortunately, many things that we promote often SAVE you a lot of money along the way as well as reducing some of the waste that a wedding can produce.

Recycle: It is not a requirement if you work with us, but we encourage our clients to have a Recycling Station if they have cans, bottles, paper plates, etc. We also advise clients to consider using recycled materials on their Big Day. Our website offers a great variety of links & vendors who offer recycled paper products and favors!

Reduce: Eliminating waste is always the best way to go. We encourage a lower percentage of purchasing with regard to favors and decorations that are either left over or thrown away after the event. If you have anything left over from your event, please don’t throw it away! I’ve been collecting random assortments of favor boxes, etc to reuse at smaller events, just to reduce waste! We also encourage renting linen napkins and glassware, as cocktail napkins and plastic cups produce such a large pile of refuse.

Reuse: We love ECLECTIC events! There are so many great things to use in your event that are just lying around your house or garage! Baskets, vases, rocks, tree branches, and more! Instead of running to the store, consider a walk through of your own home; or better yet, everyone else’s too. Find common theme items from your parents’ homes, or use items from a friend’s wedding. They will love seeing them on the Big Day and feel like they really helped you, because they did. If you must purchase new things for your event, try to make them reusable later: centerpieces you can take home (or send home with family) that can be planted in the back yard. Give favors that are planted or edible.

Here are a just few systems we implement into our Event Planning Style:

  • Recycling Stations for catered items: Food & Drink
  • We provide resources for biodegradable utensil options
  • Contacts for Recycle Bins Rentals in our area
  • Promote Reusable items: Actual plates, drink ware, utensils and cloth napkins to reduce waste
  • Multi-purposing cocktail hour and dessert foods
  • Reduction of Waste and Reusing Wedding Byproducts: All things left over
  • Identifying purchases that are investments in the overall event vision
  • Plan for at least two functions per purchase
  • Make purchases that can be reused or re-gifted after the event
  • Working with caterers who donate remaining food to shelters instead of disposing

*It certainly is not a requirement to do any of these above mentioned strategies in order to work with GEG.