Event Styling & Design

Green-Eyed Girl has a delightful collection of unique decorative pieces just waiting to help style your event. Our selection is exclusive to the couples who have a coordination package, party or event and Project Block with us…. That means, you can’t just book something and come pick it up then return it after your event, like a public rental company. We must be attending your event and setting up the items. Now, you can absolutely HIRE Styling or an Independent Project Block Styling Package completely separate of any Coordination Package. Find out details HERE. Based on how many things you’re using, we’ll build you what we call a Style Kit which will come with your coordinator on the big day and then we’ll also bring it home with us that night. Choose any Event Styling Package to add to your event estimate.

How it works…. 
  1. We want you to feel like you’re basically shopping at “GEG Maxx” and that you can just load up your cart as full as you want, or with just a few key pieces, big or small.
  2. Send your coordinator a list of all the items you would like to see in your kit
  3. $25 is typically the magic number per project block styling area. But sometimes we want it to look GOOD so we’ll bring along a little extra which we may not even use {better to have it with us than to keep it in storage!} to add some finishing touches if you’re just under $25.
  Our inventory grows every summer as new couples want new things. We always use our Reusable Wedding Program as a constant inventory resource for Styling, as well as utilize purchases within the TEAM Wedding Opportunity!

Shabby Chic Place Card Display and Milk Glass Pieces

Inventory Sneak Peek:
Picture frames, candle sticks, milk glass pieces, wooden signs, tablescapes, baskets & BURLAP, vases, props and more!
Apothecary jars, candy buffet signs and scoops, cake pedestals
Chandeliers, Wedding Tree, Reception Signs, Parking Signs, Designer Chairs and Display furniture
Wedding Vanity, Bronze Double Arch, Cocktail Tables, White Resin Arch, Rustic Ladders, Barrels
What are Project Blocks? Find out more from Green-Eyed Girl and how our Project Blocks work!