TWO Sweet Birthday Theme

This gorgeous little girl turned the big TWO in May and I got the pleasure of adding the “pretty” to this special party. We went with seafoam green and pink color theme for this sweet, sweet day. The main theme was to design a look that is as precious, unique and sweet as she is. How did we do?

 Dainty (though there really isn’t anything dainty about Miss Marissa ‘Maehem’, she’s more bad-ass) pom poms, fluffy cupcakes and soft cake batter cookies seem to do the trick! 

The Vintage Event did the custom order for the #2 in mini tissue pom poms

 Green-Eyed Girl Productions provided all of the vintage painted frames from our Styling Inventory

A few key pieces from mom like this ADORABLE picture by Kelsea Joann Photography and the white Letter M pulled it all together along with home-baked cupcakes.

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