Vintage Frames {DIY Project How-To}

Are you looking for unique, affordable signage for your wedding entry? Perhaps you need a sign made for the buffet or photo booth or just want a pretty memo board to use throughout your wedding? I have the perfect DIY project just for you! Today we’re repurposing some old vintage wood frames that I found at a garage sale for $3 each into burlap and lace signs.

 This is actually a pretty simple project, but takes a bit of time and elbow grease…
First things first, you need to remove the artwork and glass from the frames. I used a flat-head screwdriver.

After emptying out your frames be sure to CLEAN them so that the paint sticks better. I washed them with a rag and hot water, just a good scrub, and let them dry completely. 

 Using your trusty can of spray paint {Rust-oleum Ocean Mist} cover all the wood, front AND inside of the frame edges. Do this in two steps, let the first coat dry then come back and paint it again doing touch ups at another time.

 TIP: Use a paintbrush as you go to smooth out any drips. Spray paint can be obnoxious sometimes with all the dried drips so save yourself some sanding later by chasing those drips down before they dry!

 Between coats of paint, go back inside and start cutting your burlap. I just bought burlap that already had the lace embellished. I got mine at Wal-Mart. Lay our your burlap and using the exact same cardboard backs that you removed from the frames, cut it to fit. BONUS TIP: Learn from my mistake and mark or remember which back goes to which frame as well as the glass! That was actually a huge step I wish I had done… more later.

 You’ll want to cut your square pretty tight and a tiny bit small than the cardboard because it has to fir inside the frame. I cut mine a little too generously and had to trim and trim tiny pieces off to finally wiggle it down into the frame size. You want your burlap to lay flat and not bubble, so really no excess. While you have them out of the frames I highly recommend you scrub the glass too. On these, the INSIDE was actually way more grubby than the outside, probably because they were so old.

When your frames are both dry take a brief round of sandpaper to the edges to roughen them up and give them that vintage look before you put them back together…
Now for the juicy details…. here is where I majorly screwed up in not remembering which piece of glass went with which frame. Since they are vintage, they are made of super strong stuff right? These staples for example could probably hold a roof on in a tornado…. that said, they were NOT flexible when it came to putting the glass pieces BACK in. As I struggled and finally got the first piece back in the first frame I didn’t even THINK it was so hard because they didn’t go together originally. Then of course the other one was wrong too… and another wrestling match with plate glass and metal staples ensued… not my most favorite 40 minutes of the project and looking back TOTALLY avoidable.

 Overall I’m pretty please with my project. I have never seen anything like this available to buy in a retail store so I know it is a one of a kind look. 

Does this look like something you’d like in your life or at your wedding? I have put them in my Vintage Event Space up at Stayton’s, The Picken Coop at 3rd and Washington. There is only the one left. The other sold within a few days. It is $15. Better go get it while it’s still there!

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